Pool maintenance

We offer a pool cleaning service in the northern suburbs, we charge a monthly fee depending on the size of your pool, and this fee includes chemicals.


H2o Pool Services maintains your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning services for your pool.


Our highly trained team then tests the water and puts in the correct amount of chemicals. Ensuring your pool is chemically balanced.


This means your’ Ph, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity and Stabilizer levels are correct.

This will mean if there is a storm or lightning your pool will not go green.


Many pool service companies take a short cut and use copper products in the pool; this is not the correct way to keep a pool clean as high amounts of copper will stain your pool.


If staining occurs you will have to re – marbilite or Fiberglass your pool which will cost a lot of money.





  • Backwash and rinse filter

  • Check water chemistry and balance accordingly

  • Skim pool Surface

  • Vacuum Pool floor

  • Brush Pool Walls

  • Empty all baskets, weir, pump and leaf eater or pool skim

  • Check and inspect equipment



Pool owner responsibilities

During summer months we require that your pool filter runs @ least 12 hours, regardless of the amount of chemicals we put into you pool if is does not circulate it will not stay clear.

Also please make sure that swimming pool water levels are correct.

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