Pool repairs

Imagine having a birthday party, family gathering, pool party or any important event spoiled by a pump or filter breaking down one day before the event and you constantly worry about the safety of your children.

Well, we can keep the excitement alive and the safety of your children is our priority .

We have a dedicated small repairs department, we do the following but not limited to:

Pump installation


  • Net installation
  • Filter installation
  • Filter sand change
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Suction and return line
  • DB Complete installation
  • Light and globe replacement
  • Painting
  • Crack repairs
  • Acid wash
  • And much more…………

Has your swimming pool lost its appeal?  Does it look run down and in dire need of attention?  Renovating your pool has never been this easy.  Whether your swimming pool needs a minor facelift or an extreme makeover, we have the experience and expertise to bring your swimming pool back to life

It is surprising how different and new a swimming pool looks after being renovated and when clients look at the before and after pictures, they are sometimes astonished at how easy and affordable it was to restore their swimming pool to its former beauty.

We attend to leaks, re-surfacing, crack and structural repairs, painting and upgrading.  Our renovations also include shape, size and depth changes, along with the installation of various heating options.

H20 Pool Services also undertakes small swimming pool repairs such as tile replacements, light bulb changes and filter leaks.  Thus, even if your pool just needs a little tender love and care, we are still the right choice

Fiberglass or Marbelite pools:
Fiberglass is becoming the most popular swimming pool lining material. This is largely due to the fact that it does not stain easily. Fiberglass has a very smooth finish and, if applied correctly, can last as long as marbelite or longer. The main factor to the life of a fiberglass lining is the tucking in of the edge underneath the copings. Density of the fiberglass matt is another major factor in ensuring the long life of your fiberglass lining. Generally, the matt comes in two densities: 300g/m and 450g/m. The beauty of fiberglass in pools is that algae and dirt can very easily be brushed or swept up and won’t stain the fiberglass. This means the maintenance is less than marbelite.

Marbelite pools:
We acid wash and chip your pool surface to prepare the surface for marbiliting. This provides the best surface to ensure the marbilite bonds with the cement shell.  We use only the best marbilite available on the market.

We can create any color to your choice from White, Sky Blue to Charcoal

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